mar 2009 | 
Hundreds of new members sign up for
MyMailMoment in 2 days
(Singapore, wownewsasia.com, 16 Mar 2009) MyMailMoment, the online survey portal has gone ‘outdoor’ to have face-to-face interactions with the public at the National University of Singapore (NUS) open house event. More members have enjoyed more rewards & freebies redemption instantly after the sign-up!

Held for 2 consecutive days, the MyMailMoment booth was an instant hit with countless visitors enquiring and then registering with the portal. Freebies such as branded skincare packs and perfumes were given to those who came to the booth with the MyMailMoment flyer. In addition, those who signed up on the spot even had a go at the ‘sure-win luck-dip’, with the grand prize being the latest model of an mp3 player.
  “The response was just great with many more new members signing up! Our computers were even overloaded with registrations and we had to do some of it using the conventional paper and pen method to clear the long queue,” says assistant product manager of SingPost. “It’s definitely a huge confidence boost for us and we look forward to sharing more rewards with even more new members in the near future.” product managerof SingPost added. The event ended on a high note with a total of 630 members registered in just 2 days.